Get Ready For Degen Dice

Meet the Degens

A collection of generative NFTs hosted on the Cardano blockchain created as 2D &3D variants and distributed via a minting process and free airdrops to holders. As the Cardano blockchain continues to innovate, we will continue to contribute. Degen Dice coming soon.

Largest Sales

#1888 OG
₳ 8,900

December 17, 2022

#0420 OG
₳ 8,000

April 20, 2022

#0588 OG
₳ 5,000

Oct 26, 2021

#3952 3D
₳ 4,500

Dec 20, 2022

#0704 OG
₳ 3,500

Jan 06, 2022

#2447 OG
₳ 2,999

Oct 29, 2021

#0949 OG
₳ 2,500

Nov 30, 2021

#1689 3D
₳ 2,490

Dec 28, 2021

₳ 2,200

Nov 13, 2021

How do I get a Degen?

Download and install a Cardano wallet

Create your Cardano wallet using one of the recommend providers below and install any required plugins. We recommend storing your valuable assets on a ledger and only using these wallets for purchasing.

Purchase ADA

If you made a new account, buy ADA from an exchange such as Coinbase or Kraken. Send your newly purchased ADA to your wallet of choice.

Start buying and selling

Visit and connect your funded wallet. You are now ready to make purchases, sell, and view your NFTs within the marketplace dashboard. The Degen Crypto Club collection is verified.

Details and FAQ

What rights do I own?

You own your Degen Crypto Club NFT on the Cardano blockchain. When you mint or purchase, you own it completely. You have full personal and commercial rights with no revenue limit. Ownership is proven by contract on the Cardano blockchain.

You do not own rights to the Degen Crypto Club brand IP &logo; should you wish to use these, please reach out to us directly.

What are your values?

The Degen Crypto Club was built to grow and develop similarly to Cardano.We have never overpromised, and our mission has always been to over-deliver .

With many ups and downs in the crypto and NFT world, it can be hard to forget that it 's still possible to have fun. Share a joke, laugh, enjoy yourself and have fun.

We want to consistently support and encourage growth both within the Cardano and NFT community but also in the wider world. Our mental and physical health channels are filled with experts within these fields and our community who are always ready to offer guidance.

As both a brand and a real human team with compassion for others, we are always looking to be inclusive of others and welcome everyone into the community we have created.

What are the Policy IDs?

Please visit our Discord for the full list of Degen Crypto Club Policy IDs.